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Lance Black Anodized Engraved Rulers 
Lance black anodized engraved rulers are specialty rulers that are designed for use in the demanding environments of machine shops factories, under conditions that often prove destructive for specialized rulers of less hardy construction.
Lance Calibrated Black Anodized Engraved Rulers
Whether you work in the apparel industry, machine shop factories, graphic arts or a variety of other skilled trades, you may find you need specialized rulers to get your job completed accurately.
L Squares 
Calibrated in inches or centimeters, standard L-squares are an invaluable tool used by designers and tailors for the drafting of flat patterns, and by artists and craftsmen in all fields.
Advance Store Products is the place to know when you are looking for safety pins, tagging guns, t-pins, straight pins and notions.
Pins Pricing
Because of our knowledge of the industry and of vast inventory we carry, we can make sure you and/or your company orders the pins that are perfectly suited to your job or project.
Lance Precision Rulers are precision tools, manufactured from hardened, aerospace aluminum with a clear, anodized, scratch-resistant finish.
Safety Pins
Our standard safety pins are available in either steel or brass, with a plating of either nickel or gilt. They come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, all priced at box or wholesale case price that is virtually unbeatable.
Specialty Rulers
Advance Store Products is the best place to find all of the precision tools you may need including specialized rulers, apparel rulers, Lance precision rulers and more.
Straight Edge Rulers 
Call Advance Store Products for T-squares and triangles We have L-squares, mini-L-squares, triangles and more.
T-pins can be used for many different purposes and a wide variety of fields and occupations have uses for the t-pins that are evolving and changing with the times.
Tag Guns 
At Advance Store Products, we have the tagging guns that are of the highest quality in the industry. Our tagging guns feature a durable polycarbonate construction with solid steel and brass components.

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