Lance T-Squares are available in lengths from 12″ to 72″ and in Standard or Heavy Duty gauge aluminum. Calibrations are in 8ths and 16ths of an inch on the blade, and in 8ths of an inch on the head. The T-Square heads are made from polycarbonate plastic from the greatest durability. The Standard head is 9″ long. The Heavy Duty head is 16″ long. All T-Squares are available with or without cork backing on the blade.




HT-024 24″ X 2 $39.68
HT-030 30″ X 2 $46.40
HT-036 36″ X 2 $51.92
HT-042 42″ X 2 $59.36
HT-048 48″ X 2 $72.24
HT-060 60″ X 2 $85.76
HT-072 72″ X 2 $97.60
T-012 12″ X 1/2 $16.40
T-015 15″ X 1/2 $17.68
T-018 18″ X 1/2 $19.20
T-024 24″ X 1/2 $22.08
T-030 30″ X 1/2 $24.80
T-036 36″ X 1/2 $27.28


LS-024-smallCalibrated in inches or centimeters, standard L-squares are an invaluable tool used by designers and tailors for the drafting of flat patterns, and by artists and craftsmen in all fields. Each arm is calibrated on two edges on one side, and on one edge on the reverse.


LS-012-mini-smallCalibrated in inches or centimeters, mini L-squares are perfect for smaller jobs. Each arm is calibrated on two edges on one side, and one on edge on the reverse. The short arm is also calibrated as a center-finding ruler on side two.


LS-012-half-smallCalibrated in inches or centimeters, the half-size L-squares are a half scale of our standard L-Square.
Each arm is calibrated on one edge on two sides. The
half-size L-squares are used by designers for the creation of half scale patterns.

LS-012 12″ x 6″ $20.45
LS-030M 30CM X 15CM $20.45
LS-012-05 12″ X 6″ $23.20
LS-030-05M 30CM X 15CM $23.20
LS-024 24″ X 14″ $31.92
LS615M 615MM X 355MM $31.92

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