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T-pins can be used for many different purposes and a wide variety of fields and occupations have uses for the t-pins that are evolving and changing with the times. Over the years, the t-pins have remained the same, even if their usage has changed significantly. T-pins are still nickel-plated for rust resistance and fast, effortless insertion. Each t-pin features a t-bar head and sharp point that easily penetrates even the toughest surfaces without bending or breaking. A steel inner core helps keep the points as sharp as the day they were first used.

The experienced professionals at Advance Store Products know that t-pins are very popular with modelers. This group of hobbyists likes the t-pin because the design of the t-head offers more pushing surface. Modelers can apply more force comfortably to the t-pin with greater control and less finger fatigue. Some of the other application for t-pins include:

    • T-pins are a great solution for securely affixing items to wood, cork, fabric, and other seeming impenetrable surfaces.
    • T-pins are commonly used to anchor work to a board while doing macramé.
    • They can be used to hold papers on a fabric panel.
    • T-pins are perfect for holding your balsa parts down to your plans.

T-pins are also used often in the wig and hairpiece industry as well as in cosmetology schools across the country. They are used for securing hairpieces or lace front wigs to a head block. Many beauticians and wig makers say that even though the t-pins are small, they are vital to making or maintaining a hairpiece or lace front wig. They are used to attach the wig to the head piece when making, repairing, cleaning or doing maintenance to the wig.

Trust the professionals at Advance Store Products for all of your t-pin, safety pin and fastener needs. We want to be your source for large or small orders of safety pins or t-pins as well as fasteners and notions. Our staff would be happy to answer any questions you have. Give us a call or send us an email today and see how we can help you or your company.



Item #
Count per Lb.
Price per LB with a 5 LB order
hand sewing needles
1 1/4"
brass safety pins
1 1/2"
steel pins
1 3/4"

*Prices may vary
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