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Whether you work in the apparel industry, machine shop factories, graphic arts or a variety of other skilled trades, you may find you need specialty rulers to get your job completed accurately. Advance Store Products is the best place to find all of the precision tools you may need including specialty rulers, French curves, inking rulers, pica rules, hip curves and more. And, if we don’t have the particular precision tool you are looking for, we can produce it for you.


Calibrated on two edges, on two sides.
Side One: Inches, in 16th on the top edge and Picas on the bottom edge.
Side Two: Inches, in 16th, on the top edge and Agates o the bottom edge.
A precision tool, used in the layout of printed material.

Agate-Pica Rulers

Agate Specialty rulers from Advance Store Products

AP-012 AGATE/PICA RULE 12" X 1" $12.80
AP-018 AGATE/PICA RULE 18" X 1 1/2 $16.00
AP-024 AGATE/PICA RULE 24" X 1 1/2 $19.60




Calibrated in inches, cork-backed inking rulers are calibrated are on two edges, on one side in 8ths and in 16ths. Since the water-resistant cork backing raises the ruler above the work surface, inking can be done without fear of bleeding or smearing.

Advance Store Products,Lance cork-backed precision rulers

CB-006 6" X 3/4" 1/16", 1/32"
CB-012 12" X 1" 1/8", 1/16"
CB-015 15" X 1-1/2" 1/8", 1/16"
CB-018 18" X 1-1/2" 1/8", 1/16"
CB-024 24" X 1-1/2" 1/8", 1/16"
CB-036 36" X 2" 1/8", 1/16"
CB-048 48" X 2" 1/8", 1/16"



Calibrations are on two edges, on one side. This rule is designed as an efficient aid in finding the center between two points; a significant, time-saving device
in pattern-making, tailoring, forms design and crafts of all kind. There is a
zero-point at the center of the top edge of the ruler, with equal incremental
measurements to the left and to the right, in 32nds of an inch.
The bottom edge is a standard ruler calibrated in 16ths.

Advance Store Products Center Finding Rulers
Click on image to view larger.

CF-006 CENTER-FINDING RULE 6" X 3/4" $5.20
CF-012 CENTER-FINDING RULE 12" X 1 3/4" $8.00
CF-018 CENTER-FINDING RULE 18" X 1 3/4" $12.10
CF-024 CENTER-FINDING RULE 24" X 1 3/4" $15.00
CF-036 CENTER-FINDING RULE 36" X 1 3/4" $19.12
CF-048 CENTER-FINDING RULE 48" X 1 3/4" $27.60



Inches, in 8ths on the top edge and in 16ths on the bottom. Handy,
accurate tool, used to quickly mark trouser cuffs of various lengths and widths.

Cuff Rulers from Advance Store Products
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CR-125 CUFF RULE 12" X 1 1/4" $9.60
CR-150 CUFF RULE 12" X 1 1/2" $10.20
CR-175 CUFF RULE 12" X 1 3/4" $11.90
CR-200 CUFF RULE 12" X 2" $13.60
CR-225 CUFF RULE 12" X 2 1/4" $14.30



French Curves Specialized Rulers
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to view larger.


Calibrated in inches or in centimeters, French curves are calibrated on one edge or two sides. These tools complement the Hip curve by adding the various curves formerly found only in an entire set of French curves. To the longer contours of the body, it adds the more defined curves of neckline and collar design, pocket contour, armhole, and more.




FC-012 FRENCH CURVE 12" $19.04
FC-024 FRENCH CURVE 24" $26.00
FC-032M FRENCH CURVE 32CM $19.04
FC-060M FRENCH CURVE 60CM $26.00



Hip Curves Rulers
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to view larger.


Calibrated in inches or in centimeters, hip curves are calibrated on one edge or two sides. Patternmakers, designers, tailors – everyone involved in creating garments reaches for this hip curves to draw the numerous contours of the human form. Hip curves are used to measure the hipline, surely, but also the trouser inseam, the lapel, the sleeve, skirt seams, and on and on.


HC-024 HIP CURVE 24" $25.60
HC-060M HIP CURVE 60CM $25.60



Lance T-Squares are available in lengths from 12" to 72" and in Standard or
Heavy Duty gauge aluminum. Calibrations are in 8ths and 16ths of an inch
on the blade, and in 8ths of an inch on the head. The T-Square heads
are made from polycarbonate plastic from the greatest durability. The
Standard head is 9" long. The Heavy Duty head is 16" long. All T-Squares
are available with or without cork backing on the blade.

Lance T-Squares from Advance Store Products
Click on image to view larger.

HT-024 HEAVY DUTY T-SQUARE 24" X 2 $39.68
HT-030 HEAVY DUTY T-SQUARE 30" X 2 $46.40
HT-036 HEAVY DUTY T-SQUARE 36" X 2 $51.92
HT-042 HEAVY DUTY T-SQUARE 42" X 2 $59.36
HT-048 HEAVY DUTY T-SQUARE 48" X 2 $72.24
HT-060 HEAVY DUTY T-SQUARE 60" X 2 $85.76
HT-072 HEAVY DUTY T-SQUARE 72" X 2 $97.60

Prices are each.

Trust the professionals at Advance Store Products for all of your specialized ruler needs. We also sell a wide variety of Aluminum Rulers, Black Rulers, and Calibrated Lance black anodized engraved rulers . Our staff would be happy to answer any questions you have. Give us a call or send us an email today and see how we can help you or your company.

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